Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2014


A beautiful bouquet of colorful finds for your home just in time for spring.  Since my area of expertise is interiors I thought I'd post the 2014 Spring Color Report in home accessories.  If you're looking to redesign a room from top to bottom or just spruce up a few areas why not consider incorporating some of these lovelies.  Add a breath of fresh air with a new lamp in Placid Blue or maybe a soft comfy ottoman in Hemlock.  Use one color or mix and match to create a new color combination, the possibilities are endless.  Remember, if you add a new color repeat it several more times within the room to create balance throughout the space.  Enjoy the colors of Spring and by all means bring on the warm weather!

More information on the items listed above via my "Likes" tab on my Pinterest page.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sophisticated Color Palette

A sophisticated palette that is colorful, fun, and playful.  Items can be mixed and matched to work with any budget. Combining rich brilliant color accents with a classic neutral palette is a great way to add pop without overwhelming yourself in color.  Start with a simple classic sofa style in a neutral palette, add some colorful accent pillows to match with your artwork, balance the color with a statement floor rug, and if you feel brave enough paint your walls a rich brilliant color.

This pillow is the inspiration behind this color scheme.  A rich color palette of teal, rose, and gold. The Harlequin Pillow from Kings Lane is colorful, sophisticated, and fun.  A playful fabric design makes this pillow a fabulous accent and inspiration for an entire room design.  

I added a couple more throw pillow options to tie in with the shine, texture, and color of the entire theme.  

The gold Plaited Metallics Pillow from Anthropologie is the perfect gold accent and has a beautiful woven texture that blends with the neutral part of the palette.

In contrast, The Aqua Decorative Pillow from The Home Centric Etsy Shop is a wonderful pop of solid teal color and shine.
Paint an accent wall or the entire room Brilliant Amber by Benjamin Moore.  A bold paint color that is also neutral because of it's depth.   Paint color can always be modified to suit your taste so don't be afraid to experiment. The tone of a color can always be manipulated, the most important aspect when choosing a color is to find the right hue and value to coordinate with the rest of your design.

The Chesterfield Sofa from Pottery Barn has a classic design and comes in an array of sizes and fabric options.  I chose the single sofa design in a neutral fabric to contrast with the wall color. In this case, the sofa is not the star of the room rather it's more of a supporting piece to help frame and balance the color of the overall design.

The Tanner Rectangular Coffee Table another Pottery Barn find, is a great addition to this design because it looks sturdy with it's straight black lines yet the glass panels allow you to see all the color throughout the space.  Like the sofa it is also available in a variety of sizes.  Depending on how much space you have available, you could add a console behind the sofa or add some nesting tables on each side.
The Tortoise Table Lamp from Clayton Gray Home is a beautiful option as accent lighting.  A solid base, large shade, and rich textures make this lamp bold and beautiful.  It has a classic design that coordinates and blends perfectly with  just about any color scheme.  It is a wonderful contrast to the open wire frame of the glass coffee table and yet a nice solid balance to the sturdy design of the sofa.
Add a colorful accent underfoot with a playful coordinating rug.  The Nolan Pink Rug from Kings Landing is both colorful and playful.  The colors coordinate perfectly with the rest of the color scheme and the bold pattern adds a nice texture and playful contrast to the solid and neutral sofa design.  I also like how the rug's pattern mimics the lines of the sofa's tufts.  It's all these little details that make the difference.
The final piece is the art which is supplied by me. I created this painting specifically for this color scheme.  It is available as an art print through my Society6 Art Gallery Shop Claudia McBain. The name of this print is called, "Brilliant Color" it comes in a variety of sizes and home accessories. The pillow option would be a good substitute for the inspirational pillow mentioned above, it's a good example of how to mix and match options to work with any budget.

Be creative, be colorful, and above all let your space be you!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

You are what you do

Yes, it's true. I quite often think "I'll do" this and that when in fact I should actually "DO" this and that". Sounds easy yet so hard to execute, why is that? I feel great when I actually get something done so why is it so hard to get started? Perhaps, I'll start a new ritual and recite this quote after I wake up each morning. Will this be something "I do" or something "I say I'll do"? Only time will tell.

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